Health Talks: Orthobiologics for sports injuries

Orthobiologics uses your body’s own cells and tissue to help stimulate the healing of joint, tendon and muscle injuries. Sometimes called regenerative medicine or cell-based therapy, these treatments provide large doses of anti-inflammatory proteins to affected areas. In this Health Talks video, Michael Baria, MD, MBA, explains the science behind orthobiologics and how it treats a range of conditions, including knee arthritis and tendon tears. Most patients experience symptom relief in two to four weeks and continued improvement for three to six months. For athletes, orthobiologics treatments may offer accelerated recovery from injuries or conditions for those who need to get back to their sport quickly.

Watch the full Health Talks video above to learn more about:

  • Conditions treated with orthobiologics
  • Types of patients who benefit the most from orthobiologics
  • The safety and efficacy of orthobiologics treatments
  • Why patients should come to Ohio State for these treatments

Use your body’s power to heal itself

Learn more about orthobiologics treatments at Ohio State.

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