Health Talks: HIPEC surgery for abdominal cancer

In this Health Talks video, surgical oncologist Alex Kim, MD, PhD, explains HIPEC, a two-step surgery for some stomach cancers. Step one is hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) surgery that consists of cytoreductive surgery to remove cancerous tumors. Step two is the delivery of heated chemotherapy drugs directly to the belly cavity to destroy any remaining cancerous cells.

HIPEC surgery is an aggressive treatment and isn’t an option for every patient. For more on this treatment, including advantages and alternatives of the surgery, watch this video. Other topics include:

  • HIPEC surgery and the Ohio State difference
  • Quality of life for patients treated with HIPEC
  • Other therapies like HIPEC for abdominal cancer
  • The latest in research at Ohio State in this area

Watch the full Health Talks video above to learn more. 

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