Health Talks: Multiple sclerosis symptoms, diagnosis and quality of life

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder that affects the central nervous system — your brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. In MS, immune cells enter the central nervous system and target the protective coating around nerve fibers called myelin. This causes inflammation and damage.

What puts someone at risk for MS?

There are many studies examining predispositions for MS. For instance, low Vitamin D levels have been associated with MS. Where you are born or spend the first 15 years of your life can determine the risk you have for the rest of your life. There are also viruses. We’re currently studying the Epstein-Barr virus to see if there are risks related to multiple sclerosis.

What are the symptoms of MS?

MS can look different in different people. Most patients will present with loss of vision in one eye, weakness on one side of the body, numbness, tingling, balance issues and trouble urinating.

What treatment and specialty care for MS are available at Ohio State?

We created a new type of clinic that focuses completely on managing a patient’s multiple sclerosis symptoms. When a patient is diagnosed with MS, they have multiple things to talk about related to their symptoms, and there’s not always enough time to address all of them. The MS Quality of Life Clinic is uniquely designed to address just the patient’s symptoms. There’s a wide range of symptoms a patient may have, such as weakness, numbness, falling or sexual dysfunction. Once we’ve addressed the patient’s symptoms, we refer them to the MS Symptom Management Multidisciplinary Clinic, where they’ll see multiple specialists to collect information, conduct a thorough exam and administer necessary blood work.

Watch the entire Health Talks video above to learn more about MS and the treatment available at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.

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