Your guide to breast cancer prevention

Let’s go beyond the basics to understand the breast cancer risk factors, preventive steps you can take to lower your risk and how Ohio State experts are evolving the field of research and treatment for breast cancer.


Breast cancer can take many forms — here are 5 lesser-known symptoms to look for

Breast cancer can take many forms. One in 8 women will have breast cancer at some point. Here are five lesser-known symptoms you should look for and when you should get screened.

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For breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, the choice is clear.

The OSUCCC – James is one of the world’s leading authorities on breast cancer, and we’re consistently paving the way in research for better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of the disease.

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When should you get a mammogram? New recommendations say age 40 for average-risk women

Average risk women should start getting mammograms at age 40.

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Family Health

Nine questions every woman should ask her mom

One way to reach your best health as a woman is to prepare for what might be in your future, and one of the best ways to do that is to talk to a woman who shares many of your genes: your mom.

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Early detection saves lives

Schedule your annual mammogram with the breast cancer experts at The James.

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