The expert guide to organ transplant

Ohio State health care teams have been providing organ transplants since 1967. Here, they help explain how organ transplantation works and what we’re doing at Ohio State to make this lifesaving procedure even safer and more accessible.

The joy of sharing it forward

Heart and Vascular

16 and healthy one minute, in dire need of a heart transplant the next

Healthy, athletic and only 16 years old, Ohio native Gigi was the last person you’d think would need a heart transplant. Until she collapsed at a family gathering, and a race against time began to save her life.

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Facts about living donation

General Health

What is tissue typing for organ transplant?

Learn how this process is vital to ensuring successful organ transplants.

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Innovation and Research: Expanding donor pools

Saving and caring for more hearts
Treatment Advances

Saving and caring for more hearts

By Amy Colgan, Mary Ellen Fiorino

Heart surgeons at Ohio State were the first to use this new organ monitoring system that is giving surgeons more access to donor hearts. Learn more about this novel technology being tested in a clinical trial at the Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital.

Organ transplantation at Ohio State saves lives

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